About Us


The foundations of the After Eleven brand started when company founder, Morgan Gore, was 14. Morgan grew up as a competitive surfer and athlete on the East Coast and had always had a passion for art.

At the time, the surf industry was dominated by a handful of major companies. Almost everything was just stamped with a logo - very cut and dry. So, Morgan saw an opportunity to create a different style of tee shirt design that was more art-driven.

A graphic design class in high school became the catalyst for the creation of After Eleven when Morgan printed and handed in her project on a tee shirt. From there, her peers took an interest in purchasing the tees so Morgan started to produce limited runs to sell via word of mouth.

The brand was officially created in 2005 where it caught on in Morgan’s local surf community and was picked up by it's first retailer, a local surf shop that Morgan was sponsored by at the time.

In addition to local shows for sponsored bands, After Eleven went on to maintain a presence at music festivals between New York, New Jersey and California - most notedly The Bamboozle & The Bamboozle Left and being an official sponsor of the 2010 Van's Warped Tour.

Since then, the brand has grown far from what she imagined as the company continues to evolve and progress.